10 good things about homework: is it really not only hard and stressful?

Is homework really the ogre that students make it out to be? Most teachers will disagree. In fact, a lot of people in the learning fraternity would believe that there are homework positives that we can experience. If you have ever wondered what is homework good for, the following are some good answers that will have you thinking twice about it:

  • Improves your understanding
    These assignments are specifically aimed at helping students become better every other day by improving their understanding of stuff discussed in class.
  • Enhances your imagination
    Students who pay attention to their assignments usually have a better imagination, because their assignments spur them to think about possibilities other than the obvious.
  • Prepares you for greater challenges
    It is a very good way of making the students work harder and rise up to greater challenges over time. It helps them become better at the subject.
  • Helps students be ready for the next class
    In case the teacher is introducing a new subject, this is a good way of helping the students read ahead and ease their understanding especially for a technical area.
  • Keeps you busy
    With this work, it is easier to keep students busy at home, which means that they have little time to get into any kind of mischief, a major relief for most parents.
  • Encourages students to think outside the box
    By making the students think about how to get answers, it makes them think outside the box, which is good for them in the long run.
  • Drives you to accept challenges
    Students who usually do their assignments keenly will tend to appreciate new challenges from time to time, and even find ways of dealing with these challenges.
  • Helps in refreshing your memory
    In case you are worried about forgetting stuff you have been taught in class, one of the easiest ways of keeping your memory fresh is through assignments.
  • Provides good revision material
    Another good reason why assignments are a godsend is because they help students have material that they can use for revision. The type of questions they have in assignments are also the same that are used in most exams.
  • Extends the learning environment beyond school
    The learning environment does not just end when the students get out of class. It is supposed to proceed even at home. This is where assignments come in handy.


These are some of the real benefits of taking the tasks that you are given in school to handle at home seriously. In the long run, you become a good, well-rounded student if only you could spare time and focus on your assignments.